Essex Driving School offer intensive driving courses for pupils that would like to pass their test within a week or two. We offer 3-4-hour sessions a day leading up to the day of your test. Being highly qualified, having many years of experience and an excellent pass rate, I can guarantee that you will pass your driving test on the day. If I think you are not ready, I will say. I will also say if I don’t think this is the course for you.

The intensive course will consist of you driving through busy towns centres, built up areas, driving on dual carriage ways and also down country lanes. Driving at night is also required. A mock driving test can be taken before your actual driving test.

This will show me if there are any areas you need to work on. Your test will be booked by myself when you pay for the intensive driving course.

Intensive Driving Lessons in Essex

My intensive driving courses are ideal for pupils that have had many driving lessons previously but stopped having them due to the fact that they failed their driving test many times before. Some people like to take a break from driving. It’s not that they can’t drive, but just lose the confidence they once had. After leaving it for a few months, it would be a good idea to come to me and try the intensive crash driving course.

You can take in between 10 to 50 hours depending how confident you are. If you are a new learner driver, then you will probably need around 50 hours of lessons before you take your driving test. If you are a quick learner, then it will take less time to pass your test.

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